Brett A. Pruit - Freedom Project of Texas


Professional Experience Summary 

 An exceptional criminal attorney with a proven track record of success. Undefeated in 3 first chair trials and 5 second chair trials conducted in all state level courts and Federal District Courts. Consistent success in generating dismissal of charges or lowest possible sentence in return for a guilty or nolo plea. My FBI Agent experience makes me uniquely qualified to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each case.  


Drug and Alcohol Cases

Defended accused of participating in the delivery of hundreds of pounds of marijuana in the federal criminal court system. Results: Convinced the prosecutor that my two clients were just in the wrong place at the wrong time resulting in dismissal of the charges against them. 

 Represented a client arrested while fleeing from taking possession of 1,000 pounds of cocaine, which had a standard Federal Sentencing Guidelines penalty of over 27 years.  I used a law enforcement respected polygraph examiner to prove to the prosecutor that my client was not the son of a top echelon Mexican trafficker as she believed. I drafted and filed a unique Motion to Suppress Evidence on the theory that the DEA violated Mexican law during its consensual telephonic recordings of my client. Results: Secured an offer of 7 years in prison the day before the hearing on the Motion to Suppress.   

Represented a long-haul trucker arrested by the DEA for transporting $3,000,000 back to Mexico for a Mexican drug cartel. The client wanted to cooperate with the FBI in return for immunity. Results: Used my reputation and connections with the local United States Attorney’s Office to have the case transferred from the DEA to the FBI. Client received full immunity after presentation of our Offer of Proof, lengthy negotiations, and his full cooperation.    

Represented a client charged with his second DWI.  Reviewed the prosecutor’s case file and was able to determine that the arresting officer lied about the probable cause he allegedly used to pull over my client. Results: Convinced the prosecutor of the weakness of her case. She offered my client the minimum penalty required for a first DWI if he pled No Contest, which he gladly accepted.     

Felony Cases

Represented client accused of the federal felony of failing to declare possession of cash exceeding $10,000 while crossing the border. Results: Secured deferred adjudication of my client for one year, which he successfully completed whereupon the charge was dismissed.    

Represented client charged with Felony Kidnapping.  Employed the unusual technique of compelling the pretrial deposition of the alleged minor victim.  Results: I tried the case and secured a not guilty verdict.      

Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1984-1995, Special Agent.  Served as Second Chair in the 5 cases I investigated that went to trial. Results: Secured convictions in each case. The prosecutor in a bank fraud case wrote a letter to my superiors advising that I had prepared excellent analytical exhibits and that I was the only person in the courtroom who realized the defendant had effectively confessed during cross-examination, which he used to devastating effect during closing arguments.  

Misdemeanor Cases

Represented client in a Motion to Revoke Probation of a Class A Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass case. Reviewed the prosecutions file and independently investigated the situation. Results: Determined the client was innocent, had received ineffective assistance of counsel in the underlying case and that the prosecution’s crucial witness for the hearing had been terminated for harassing the client. With these facts in place I secured the immediate release of the client and am preparing several law suits based on the provable facts I developed.  

Represented client charged with Class A Misdemeanor Theft.  Reviewed the prosecutions file and then independently investigated the situation. Results: Determined that the police had failed to secure significant evidence that now no longer existed and that an essential witness had disappeared. Used these facts to leverage an agreement from the prosecutor to dismiss all charges in return for my client paying restitution and taking a theft class.  

Juvenile Cases

Represented a juvenile on charges of Minor in Procession of Alcohol and a prohibited concealed weapon, a knife with a blade of more than 12 inches. Results: Determined that the police had failed to maintain the chain of custody on the evidence. Used this fact to convince the prosecutor to offer my client deferred adjudication with a one year period of compliance, which he served successfully.      

Represented a juvenile on attempted murder charges resulting from a drive by shooting.  Results:  Had charges dismissed against my client, and secured her relocation to a community where she no longer had contact with gang members she had grown up with, thereby preventing her from becoming a gang member and eventual convict.

Education and Training

Certified as a Legal Advisor for FBI Agents.    Lectured, trained, and taught FBI Agents on legal issues including temporary detention, arrest procedures, search and seizure procedures, interview and interrogation procedures and other law enforcement related issues, integrating recent case law with their daily investigative activities. Results: FBI Agents in my classes were aware of all procedures required by the law, trained to successfully follow the law, and to successfully testify about their conduct.     

Education: Juris Doctorate, Texas Tech School of Law, 1980-1983 

Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education, Cum Laude, 

Major-History, Minor-Communication Arts, 

Montana State University at Billings, 1976-1979     

Licenses/Certifications: Licensed to Practice Law in the State of Texas 

Certified to Practice in the Western, Southern, and Northern Federal District Courts 

Certified Mediator – Texas